A guaranteed supply of green energy and water

Autonomous systems to produce energy and water while optimizing costs.
A well adapted solution to your needs and your environment.

An innovative and pragmatic approach

To meet needs in drinking, desalinated and recycled water

Software to define the optimal combination

A hybrid energy storage system

Intelligent project management to optimize costs

A modular, scalable concept with limited maintenance

More than 2.4 billion people on the planet have no access to drinking water and

1.2 billion have no access to electricity.


An autonomous supply of both green energy and water

Green energy

Energy production from renewable energy sources

Piloting developed by TERGYS

Smart control for storage and usage

Water production

Drinking water, recycled water, process water, desalinated water

Energy for other uses
Water production up to
0 m3 per day
Installed capacity of up to
0 megawatt
Energy storage of up
0 kWh


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