Autonomous energy solutions for your water needs

TERGYS has developed, from meteorological and technological data, software that determines the system that is best adapted to your specific application and that combines green energy sources, energy storage capacities and water treatment technology. The energy management at the heart of our systems ensures production at the lowest cost.

Potable water

Our fully autonomous systems use proven ultrafiltration technology with membranes approved for the production of drinking water and which constitute a true microbiological barrier. We complete this through disinfection which ensures the stability over time of the water produced and, if necessary, through adsorption to remove specific contaminants from the treated resource. Our combined systems can also be configured to provide energy for lighting or power distribution.

Recycled water

We can offer you autonomous solutions for the treatment of urban or industrial wastewater to improve the treatment performance or to recycle treated water for non-potable uses. The system can be designed to supply green energy to other local needs or to resell a surplus to the electricity grid. Ultrafiltration and low-pressure reverse osmosis can help to achieve treated water qualities adapted to your needs.

Process water

Ensuring the production of process water at the lowest cost is a key issue for industrial site operators. We offer our standalone systems to address this challenge and provide solutions that can combine the use of a natural resource with recycled water to minimize environmental pressures and resolve usage conflicts.

Desalinated water

Desalination of seawater is particularly energy intensive (about ten times more energy than freshwater treatment for water purification) but is often the best option for supplying water needs in islands and coastal areas when freshwater resources are scarce. Our “packaged” approach allows us to produce this desalinated water using the local renewable energy resources at the best possible cost.